Alien entity

Our most recent winter event was pretty much on the piddly side. The forecast was five inches but if we got that much it melted and compacted down throughout the day in the 30-something temperatures. I did not bother to shovel. There wasn’t really much to shovel although I hope what’s left doesn’t freeze overnight. I didn’t put salt out but then I didn’t see anyone else doing any snow removal or ice treatment so maybe I’m okay? My city mouse daughter lives in a neighborhood that has Snow Buddy and I am kinda envious.

So no dramatic snow pics from here. But here’s one from 10 years ago in Sault Ste. Siberia. We had traveled there because the local branch of “our” bank (mine and my parents’) was closing and we had to empty my parents’ huge safe deposit box. That operation featured a struggle getting it unlocked but eventually we managed. The branch manager at the time had lived next door to The Commander until we moved The Comm into assisted living. She said something like, “You know, I have a whole bunch of pictures of your dad and granddad in the basement. Do you want them?” She meant the bank basement. Dad and Granddad had both served as bank presidents there. Well, yes! There was some fun stuff there but (of course) 10 years later, I still haven’t sorted it all out.

The GG took a nap at the Hotel Ojibway where we were staying and I took a walk up to my childhood neighborhood to take a peek at our shabby old Superior Street bungalow. It was a pretty nice day if I remember accurately but what a crapload of snow. If you know anything about snow, you can tell the snow is starting to “rot”, meaning it’s getting wet and dirty and will soon look really ugly. Don’t eat the yellow snow!

One Response to “Alien entity”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’m glad the snow storm was a nothing burger. I’m glad it doesn’t stick around long here because it does get dirty and ugly.