Baby Yoda all day long

I have a facebook friend. I mean she’s somebody I knew in high school or whatever but I can’t REMEMBER who she is because she doesn’t include her maiden name! I’ve even looked in yearbooks and can’t figger it out. Anyway, this facebook friend has posted a steady stream of Baby Yoda memes ALL DAY! I mean REALLY?

Me? I dusted and flung and filled up Cygnus and did a Plum grock drive-by. I mean I went inside, hugged my grock worker, and bought like five items, not that I did curbside pickup. There was ice on my sidewalk and driveway when I got up but it was very intermittent so not a problem.

I’m gonna phone it in here and show more pics of my hometown in March 10 years ago. First up, I am at the corner of Easterday and Superior about to head up Superior the seven or blocks or so to my childhood house. Believe it or not, there are sidewalks on both sides of the street. If you guessed that I walked on the street, you would be right!

And here’s my house. Whoever has owned it since my parents moved umpteen years ago when I was in college has made various changes to that front entry area and I believe the interior has been renovated. Likely multiple owners. The window to the left of the entry was my bedroom. That big tree is a spruce and when we lived there, its lower branches swept the ground. The Commander was pretty upset when the people who bought the place from my parents cut them off.

Turn around and there’s old Stinkin’ Linkin’. That wing was 2nd-6th grades back in the day. The classrooms used to be walls of windows but I guess at some point they renovated.

This somehow cracks me up. It’s Jesus if you couldn’t tell, on Mt. Snowdirt. After I left my childhood house I took the route I used to walk or bike to get to my grandparents’ house, which went through the St. Joe’s Catholic church/school complex parking lot.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    If I could talk to Jesus I would say, “JESUS, that’s a lot of snow!” I have the same issue with a couple of my Facebook friends; they are former students but don’t include their maiden name. I sort of recognize their faces since people change a ton over the years/decades.