Kinda sorta pre-pandemic day

First of all, I totally screwed up the switchover to DST. I had a kind of restless night for no particular reason. I looked at my alarm clock a bunch of times and when it said 3:15, I thought okay, we are now on DST. Later I looked at the clock again and it said something like 6:03. That time I also looked at my iPhone, which said 7:07. For some reason I thought that my alarm clock changed time automatically. Not. So I was off to a slow start. My alarm clock only keeps approximate time and is NOT easy to set so I don’t take it too seriously but this was a DST accident.

I had had thoughts about grock runs early this morning but it was snowing and it looked like a bit of accumulation so I bagged it. But. I decided to wait a bit and see what happened a little later. And. A few hours later, Mr. Golden Sun shone for something like 10 minutes and MY SIDEWALK SNOW CLEARED UP! So I saddled up Cygnus and headed out to the Jackson Rd. Meijer to pick up some household cleaners, etc. The roads were absolutely FINE!

The city mouse was scheduled to come over and cook dinner here for me and her so I texted her that I was at Meijer. While I was there I picked up some boneless chicken thighs on the chance that she was thinking about a sheet pan thing. She didn’t text me back until I got home but YES, she was looking at sheet pan recipes. I said, “I’m already home but I’m willing to go to the Plum.” A grock list ensued and off I went.

The thing is I took off on both of these little adventures sort of on the fly. Almost all of my in person grock shopping has been at 0-skunk-30. And if the beach urchins are coming over and we’re missing an ingredient or two or ten, they pick it up for me. Today I went shopping when I WANTED to and this new “freedom” felt pretty good. I still masked. I’ll be doing that for the foreseeable future. And I am still not ready for crowded restaurants but I’m feeling a bit optimistic.

So we did have a sheet pan chicken dish tonight with fingerling potatoes, carrots, dried apricots, and various other things. Pretty darn good and got rid of some things (carrots and dried apricots) around here. And we had some of the usual discussions including, “Moom YOU did federal form 990? By yourself?” Yes. Yes I did. A few times. During one of those times I was disentangling long neglected elementary school PTO finances during a teacher strike and she and her little sister dragged a stool over to the stove and “cooked” spaghettios and I didn’t even notice they were doing it🤣🤣🤣 Like mother like daughter.

One Response to “Kinda sorta pre-pandemic day”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I remember spaghettios! I’m feeling a little braver too although I mask most places. My social life is getting a little bit more open which is nice.