Trapezoids vs. triangles

Himself came home again (jiggety jig) this afternoon. It is no longer quiet. Here he is bouncing batteries. This apparently determines whether they have any juice or not. It is also noisy.

I THINK he threw the ones that didn’t pass the test into the garbage. Once upon a time we could recycle these kinds of batteries (AA and AAA etc.). We couldn’t just put them in the recycle cart. We had to put them in a separate container on the curb, like a ziploc bag. At some point Recycle A2 decided we could just put these into the trash. I had a hard time “training” the GG to just throw the batteries out.

Thinking about it now, I’m wondering if that decision was because putting batteries out separately would require the folks in the trucks to actually get out of the truck to pick them up manually. All the stuff we put on the curb has been picked up by trucks with a big mechanical arm for eons. It may be that we can recycle these batteries some other way. The GG is welcome to figger that out.

The battery bouncing was detrimental to my super-sensitive musician’s hearing especially since it was happening right smack next to me. He also replaced the batteries in our airtags, which caused all kinds of other squeaky noises. I also don’t really know how those things actually work. There’s one attached to each of Cygnus’s key fobs and it seems to bleep when the fob is IN MY POCKET. Like, I know where it is. I just put it in my pocket!

Obviously I don’t have a lot for tonight. It snowed ALL DAY here but the sidewalks are clear and temps are looking to be on an upward trend throughout the rest of the week.

G’night, KW

2 Responses to “Trapezoids vs. triangles”

  1. Margaret Says:

    John doesn’t think I should throw batteries in the trash but I always have. What else am I supposed to do with them? Glad your weather is warming up! NO more snow!!

  2. Pooh Says:

    I used to take them to the school where they had a container at the front desk. I’ll have to check if it’s still there when I work the election next month.