Bonus eve

I don’t mean this is the eve of some big Walmart sale event. It is a bonus alone time evening for yer fav-o-rite blahgger. A text came through this afternoon from the city mouse that she had ended up with an extra ticket to an Irish concert at the Ark. She wondered if DAD or MOUSE would want to go with her. Well, DAD didn’t read his text messages for eons but yes he DEFINITELY did want to attend.

Note that I wasn’t included on the invite. It’s partly because I am still COVID averse even though the GG could definitely bring COVID home since he is going. But I am not a big fan of concerts in general and my kids know that. Besides being an introvert, my reasons are two or maybe three-fold…

When I was a kid, my big-city born “cultured” mom tried to give us kids every opportunity to experience “the arts” as she could. The problem was there wasn’t a whole lot to experience in the eastern yooperland. One of our movie theatres did schedule a concert series. The problem was that the concerts didn’t exactly thrill me. I was probably more excited about wearing a fancy dress and buying stuff from the concession.

And then there were the rock concerts of my college years. I had friends and roommates who were nutso about rock concerts. I went to a few and… Meh… I mean there were good moments. But there was soooo much filler. The drum “jamming” drove me the craziest. 15 minutes of basic drumming? Really? Snore.

Given that there is a stage, I would much prefer to be on it or behind it than in the audience. Being part of a musical group is much more interesting (to me) than sitting still listening to one. I am not an actor but I loved running around backstage when the beach urchins were doing youth theatre. I would sometimes sneak in to watch while they were on stage. Otherwise I was busy making the trains run on time and laughing hysterically (and silently) with Madame Producer in the green room when crazy stuff went down. We had so much fun.

The last two times I went to concerts were less than ideal. There was the Beach Boys “tribute” group that the GG somehow got cheap tickets to. I had a bus mis-adventure getting downtown and a really bad cold (way pre-COVID) and coughed the entire time and got “busted” for using my iPhone to take a picture of The GG. Then there was Bob Dylan (November 2019). I somehow found myself buying six tickets to that. What was I thinking? It’s Bob Dylan, I guess. Little did I know that he kinda phones his concerts in and he did. It was okay. We had dinner at the downtown Knights and the conert was PACKED with old fogies like us so we were not alone.

Tonight’s concert is an Irish band. I like Irish music and I bet there aren’t umpteen bazillion minute drum “jamming” sessions. But still it’s a win-win. The GG gets to spend time with his daughter. I get to hang out here alone and not “fight” with anyone about triangles and trapezoids or any other deep shit type crapola. Hopefully no one brings COVID home. And (haha) the city mouse texted that they had already run into someone from the GG’s old work, probably a different person than those who were at the monthly retaaared folks luncheon he attended today. I said, “Yakity-yak.”

Embiggen the pic if you dare.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I love Irish music but am ambivalent about concerts because…big crowds. I wore a mask at the Who concert I recently attended and so did a number of others. Seattleites tend to be more liberal in their wearing of masks. 😉