Blast from the past

This was the day that the Red “Puano” arrived at the Landfill. This was my in-laws’ piano and it is a player piano. It is also a lovely upright piano. When we first obtained this piano, the GG played piano rolls and I actually *played* pieces on it.

For whatever reason, I stopped playing music a long time ago and turned my energies toward computer stuff. Some people say that if you are a musician you are good at math (and computer stuff). I have a different take on that. Whatever is in my DNA that made me good at math AND music as a child also makes me good at computer stuff nowadays. I wish I could put all of that into words but probably not tonight.

Tonight I will just remember when these guys rented a truck and hauled the Red “Puano” over here from the cFam parents’ house when they were moving from Royal Joke to Fla. Four of the six cFam brothers are in the pic. From the left, Bob (second twin), Don (late🧡), Doug, The Beautiful (late) Suzie’s childhood boyfriend, the GG (first twin), Jim, youngest brother and driver of the truck that delivered the “puano”.

These guys are all absolutely wonderful topnotch people and I am soooo glad they are my husband and his brothers. Missing my own brother but the cFam has provided me with some damn good brothers.

2 Responses to “Blast from the past”

  1. Isa Says:

    Getting some Cousin Steve vibes from Uncle Jim…

  2. Margaret Says:

    Nice looking group of guys! Moving a piano is hard work. I have an upright one and should get rid of it. Neither one of my daughters currently play it.