Nobody has wished me a happy St. Urho’s day! 🤣

And that’s okay because St. Urho’s Day is a Finnish holiday and best wishes to those who are Finnish but I AM NOT FINNISH!!! Scot and Irish mainly. For a few years, a relative (in-law) got into the habit of wishing me a happy St. Urho’s Day. I couldn’t figure this out. Maybe we never talked about my heritage or maybe she was so busy talking that she failed to LISTEN to anything I said. Compulsive talkers drive me crazy. Usually.

BTW, I have not had my DNA “done”. This is based on family lore only. I think the confusion comes in because with blue eyes and once-blonde hair, I look to the untrained eye like the stereotypical Scandinavian. Also the first syllable of my last name is “Fin”, which I suppose could confuse people but not sure why??? I don’t think I look like a Viking, more like a Celt. But who knows, there could be some Scandinavian DNA in there somewhere from way back. I mean there could even be African or Asian but probably not. Who really knows?

The pic is from three years ago. My grock worker took it at the Plum Market and its purpose was to let me know that they had received a shipment of toilet paper. We never got dangerously low on tp during that time but it was a concern given that it was almost impossible to schedule curbside pickup at the big stores. The small specialty stores that I was using, as wonderful as they are, do not sell toilet paper. [Would you like some toilet paper with your salmon filet ma’am?] And the tp supply chain was iffy at best. So my mouse snagged some tp for me and delivered it to my porch.

If we only knew then what we know now, I’d’ve masked up and schlepped into the grocery store myself. But masks were in very short supply then and we had an absolute idiot at the helm of our country obfuscating actual scientific progress but I guess I’m outta steam on that. I do believe masks work, at least they are better than directly sharing air up close and personal with an infected person. I know, I (unknowingly) did just that🐽 Guess what? A Scientific American article I read today agrees with me. There are people, including actual scientists, who probably think SciAm is a “socialist rag” though🤷‍♀️

Happy St. Urho’s Day! And g’night.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I remember those TP days and sewing friends making masks for us–all the craziness yet we were pulling together then and not at loggerheads over science and conspiracy theories. Ugh, don’t get me started. I have had my DNA done and there are nearly always surprises. I am heavily Scottish but lots of Scandinavian due to the Viking incursions into that area. I thought my mom’s family was 100% Italian but my Nana was actually mostly French. (lived in Northwest Italy very close to France)