Certainly NSFW but NSFB? I’m gonna post it. I bet The Guru won’t put me in “jail”. I’ve seen this painting umpteen bazillion times. It hangs in the back of the Oscar Tango barrooooom down at the Liberty/Ashley intersection.

This pic was taken today but not by me. I was on the phone with India most of the afternoon. Or not really India. India was asleep by the time this phone call took place. It was my long-time Indian-American co-workers and we were working on a tangled web of issues related to one of our next projects. We made a lot of progress but these calls are always tiring because we have different first languages. Because of that and sometimes iffy sound quality from the technology, I have to really perk up my ears to understand everything and I’m sure my fast-talking American English is equally as hard for them to keep up with. Also they are both developers and I am not. That means they have their own techie vocabulary. There was a lot of that this afternoon and at one point they apologized in case they were leaving me behind. I acknowledged that they were but also said that I can understand enough of the technical end of things (I have done programming and database work in my life) that I got a lot out of the session. I know when I need to participate and I know when I can mute long enough to visit the water closet.

I have worked with these wonderfui guys for 16 years and between them and all of our India-based colleagues, I will reiterate that I think India is gonna take over the world. All of these folks are multi-lingual. It is me who is behind the curve.

While I was doing that, the GG walked downtown to get a Guinness at Connor O’Neills. You might guess why he didn’t end up doing that. Instead he ended up getting a Guinness at our own fave Oscar Tango. I haven’t been there in three years but when he sent the pics I found myself missing the place. I’m not sure I’m ready for a crowded Friday night and certainly not THIS Friday night. Maybe an afternoon whine some day would be a better baby step back into the OT for me.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to those who celebrate. I at least give it a passing nod. It was the most fun when my old boss, the Benevolent Despot (or LSCHP) (Jewish and NOT Irish), would take us all over to the nearby wings joint for green beer or whatever and appetizers. One year he tried to color a pitcher of beer with his own food coloring and managed to turn it blue🤣🤣🤣 He wasn’t necessarily an extrovert but he knew how to throw a good party.

I *finally* closed what used to be my mother’s checking account today. In the last year of her long life she became disabled, so we executed power of attorney and added me to her bank accounts. After she died, they became mine. At one point we were cleaning up extraneous bank accounts. We got rid of her/our savings account but her/our checking account was still auto-paying a utility bill or something. So I didn’t take care of it that day. I took care of the auto-payment right away but have lollygagged all this time about the account and finally closed it today. Although it wasn’t really a problem to have it, our smart young banker took care of it quick as a wink (like I opened my bank app a few minutes later and it was already gone and the money transferred as specified). It was a relief to finally close that bit of business.

It’s amazing how many bank accounts seem to pile up throughout one’s life. I remember when I was a little kid with a single savings account and I would visit the little kid teller window to deposit whatever small amount I had with me. A nice lady teller would gush over me or sometimes the bank prez aka my granddaddy would take over the teller’s window to handle my bitsy little transaction.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I too stay far away from bars on this day. Especially since it’s Friday. I’m hoping to dissolve my step-grandmother’s estate account soon. I need to get a bill from the lawyer and the CPA first.