Sunday drivin’

Although the day didn’t turn out exactly as I might have planned it, it was fine. My plan was to slowly put together dinner for us and the beach urchins. Chicken divan with rice, and a simple salad.

Just before Sunday Morning (jazz) came on, the GG remote started Cygnus. I figgered a trip to the hardware store was in order but no, he wanted to go for a drive. I asked where. Oh out in the county. Where in the county. North, south, or west. I chose south. North and west is glacial moraine, which we love but south is interesting in its own way. Flat flat flat, think Kansas. Sparse, mostly rundown housing and Trump signs if there is an election looming (none of those today). Very little traffic anywhere so we could take a slow drive. So that’s where we went today.

We did not actually arrive at this railroad crossing as the train was approaching. When we first crossed it, I was looking at GooMaps but the GG spied a train headlight to the west. So. We turned around. We crossed the tracks AGAIN and determined that YES, there was a train over there and it WAS heading east (toward us), not stopped.

So we turned around AGAIN and stopped BEFORE the tracks even though the crossing hadn’t yet closed. So I was ready with my phone cam when the crossing bars went down and the train DID approach the tracks.

It was a loverly drive but by the time we got home, I was kind of exhausted. Maybe 15 minutes too long plus the last 15 minutes were in the usual Planet Ann Arbor traffic.

So I got started on my dinner prep a little late. Just as I DID get started, the GG chose that moment to haul a bunch of crapola in from the Lyme Lounge to CLEAN IT. In my kitchen! It was okay. It needed to be cleaned. I put my chicken breasts in a pan to slowly saute and decamped to the Green Couch to read until he was finished.

I finished the last Game of Thrones book today and I am now 13 books behind my Goodreads 2023 challenge. I will work on some lighter shorter fare for a while, I guess. I will (maybe) blahg about GOT more some other day. For now… I knew that the fifth book would not bring resolution to all of the story lines. I knew the author was struggling to write another book. If he does, I suggest he try to wrap things up. I knew that the TV series diverged from the books at some point. I watched about one season of the TV series before I started on the books. I’ll probably revisit the series eventually. I did like the books just PLEASE finish them.

2 Responses to “Sunday drivin’”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I would probably enjoy the books (or aspects of them) Like “Outlander,” they’ve been recommended to me by several friends but the idea of that many in a continuing series is daunting.

  2. Pooh Says:

    For a lighter read, consider any of Christopher Moore’s books. I found “Island of the Sequined Love Nun” in a Little Free Library. He’s also written “Lamb: the Gospel according to Biff”, and others.