COVID memories

Before I get around to addressing the title, I want to say a bit about the sometimes extreme violence in the Game of Thrones books (and series). Although I can handle this kind of violence, early on it would sometimes exhaust me. But then I realized that there is a LOT of black humor involved (to me, your opinion may vary). Like in one scene, Brienne fights three people and kills them all. One of her companions feels compelled to behead the dead bodies and then (if I’m remembering accurately, it was a couple books ago), ties their hair together and they haul the heads off to I fergit where. I got the impression Brienne was rolling her eyes (and I don’t know if this is in the TV series).

Another pic from our southern drive yesterday. The last time we took a Sunday drive down this road (south of Saline), we were COVID positive. It was a Sunday in winter 2022 and IT WAS MY FRICKIN’ BIRTHDAY. We took a bit of a different route that day, ending up in the Milan area checking out the drag race tracks. At one point I remember thinking how HOT it was in Cygnus. Because of our positivity I took a minute to assess myself for additional symptoms. My only COVID symptom was (and remained) a mild cough. But had I developed a fever? Nope. Then I saw that Cygnus was set to 85 DEGREES! That is a function of her remote start feature, which we weren’t used to yet since we bought her in May 2021. I think the remote start temp can be adjusted but in a Great Lake State winter, 85 degrees is a good setting. Also the sun was out. I turned down the heat and things were fine. Except for the mild cough and the HUGE annoyance.

When I emailed my then boss about having COVID the previous Friday, I told her I was taking a “mental health” day but wasn’t feeling sick, just HIGHLY ANNOYED at being exposed and I explained the context. She replied with something like, “I hope you don’t end up in jail [for killing your husband].” 🤣🤣🤣 I did need a mental health day, if only to sit with the reality of positivity for a bit. The following Monday was MLK Day, which I get off and by that day, I was almost regretting taking Friday off. That long weekend was a loooooong sloooodge. It was actually another week or so before the cough finally trailed off and I was totally cabin feverish by then. I will say the “bounce” from the temporary immunity of an actual infection was pretty cool but I still masked in the grock store and still do.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    There are so many different variants that I don’t know that I will ever completely unmask. I am doing a few more social outings which I’m sure will burn me in the end. That’s a beautiful pic from your drive. Love the sky and trees!