Not the google

Yeah, you are not gonna get much outta me tonight because I cannot concentrate. The GG has been playing music videos on youtube for what seems like hours. I was into it at first (although it was LOUD). I eventually moved into the front room but it was still LOUD. Finally I asked him to please turn down the volume. He did but it was still a bit loud for me.

I seem to have acquired a new name. The Google. I’m not sure why but various people keep asking me random questions and expecting me to actually have a quick answer to them. Example: Yesterday the GG was searching his memory banks for a book called The Voyageurs. I was like, I bet there are a gazillion books with that title. And yet, it rang a bell and I was pretty sure I had read it but it was a couple years ago. I asked him what made him think of that particular book. Well. Our daughter and his twin brother had both recommended it to him. I got to wondering why he didn’t he ask one (or both) of THEM? In the end I texted our daughter and she responded with the author. I texted him (he was off walking somewhere) and he EVENTUALLY read his text messages.

I know a lot of things. My brain remembers all kinds of odd little things. But I do not know EVERYTHING. So next time you have some odd little question floating around your brain how about YOU google it? Googling things for other people is not my job and I do not get paid for it. I am good at sussing out information. I actually do a lot of that at work but I get paid for that. Outside of work I get really tired of it, especially when you have interrupted me from whatever I was doing to ask me a question that YOU could research yourself.

And yes, I am a little cranky tonight. Partly it’s that I am tired of listing to music at a loud volume. I need some quiet at this time of night.

One Response to “Not the google”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I like a lot of quiet, especially since I’ve been living alone with little noise. Patt always had the TV or radio on, sometimes both when we lived in our old house, now the rental. Does the GG not have a smart phone? I look lots of stuff up on there.