Maybe we should just call the GG Mr. Fidget? He is off on another North Country Trail (NCT) boondoggle, this time the lower upper and the western northern lower. He will again be hiking with and supporting our friend Joan on her quest to finish the NCT for the second time in her life. I am hopeful that the weather will cooperate. The forecast for the lower upper is like five inches on Saturday when they will start hiking. Snow, that is. At least at five inches there will be no post-holing.

I am always happy to have the GG home (if he isn’t too fidgety). I am also happy to have him go off on junkets (so he can be fidgety somewhere I am not). He has been fidgety a LOT in the last month or so. Last night it kinda reached a peak. He couldn’t decide which day to leave. Should he leave today? Or tomorrow? Or even Friday? The plan was imprecise (and that is OKAY!). But fidgety? Oh my god.

For a while last night the GG was thinking about all the stuff he could get done around here today. In the end, I don’t think he felt like he could focus on Landfill-type chores. He was fidgety as all getout to get north. So that is where he went and he is now safely in Gaylord with the Uncly Uncle and The Beautiful Gay. He’ll probably find some death marches to do in the next couple days before he moves the Lyme Lounge up to the yooperland to meet up with Joan.

He likes to put this mask on Mooon Yooonit’s passenger seat head rest and it ALWAYS makes me jump a mile when I go to get in that vee-hickle and see a FACE there. Also the title is a spoiler for today’s spelling bee puzzle.

One Response to “Fidgety”

  1. Pooh Says:

    Title word was the first one I saw on yesterday’s puzzle!