First bote of 2023

This is not the first freighter to traverse the Soo Locks this year. This is from I dunno 2011 or something and it may not have even been the first freighter of that year because The Commander was still alive and kicking and I would’ve walked down from her house to the locks at 0-skunk-30, which means other botes had probably already been thru the locks.

The first freighter locks through at midnight tonight. I am not there to see it but they have a sorta March Madness thingy going on about freighters, like sweet sixteen, elite eight, and final four. I only know those terms because a recent xword puzz threw them at me.

Busy night tonight with VOT porterization and I’m currently in between GOT episodes. I was invited to a sleepover at the country mouse’s house but declined b/c VOT and I want to be up and out early tomorrow morning.


One Response to “First bote of 2023”

  1. Margaret Says:

    VOT? I may have to follow college basketball now that the Zags are in the Elite 8. 🙂