I need a title, I guess

When I went to the Plum this morning, I had not egregiously idled Cygnus beforehand. It wasn’t really that cold (mid-30s). But. It was raining cats and dogs and it was pretty cold in that car. I turned the heat way up and put the bush warmer on high.

I was in Plum less than 10 minutes and missed my mouse, who was probably in the “office” or whatever it is, getting coffeed up for the day. This was a little sad but I HAD been invited to a sleepover at her house and I declined so… Anyway when I was done I decided to do a short river ride. Just over to downtown and home, long enough to get Cygnus thoroughly warmed up. Alas, I had to turn around when I encountered this (fallen tree removal operation). Really bad pic but I didn’t wanna get too close to the po-leese. I’m sure they did not need any looky-loo old bags with iPhone cams to interfere with this operation, as minor as it looks.

I’ve seen everything on Huron River from the tragic to the ridiculous. I mean I haven’t ever SEEN a tragic accident but they do happen. It’s a narrow well-paved two-lane scenic road (35 mph) that automotive vee-hickles have to share with beeceeclettes and some pedestrians. I am always respectful to cyclists and pedestrians and if I can’t see well enough to pass (curves and hills), I slow waaaaay down and hang out behind them. Others are more impatient and there are some rather militant cyclists around town that can be less than friendly.

The tragic? We did not see this happen but a number of years ago two motorcyclists traveling in opposite directions at much higher rates of speed than the limit (like 60 or something) crashed head-on. No they did not survive. When we drove by a few days later, we could see bloodstains on the pavement. These guys (if I remember accurately) were both 50/60-somethings, not crazy young motorheads.

The ridiculous? Taking a slow drive one day, there was a mini-van in the water. It was upright in a shallow spot right beside the road (I know it’s shallow there because I’ve kayaked it). Some high school gentlemen were sitting hanging their legs out the open slider door. I remember athletic socks and big tennis shoes. I don’t think the cops were there yet. I don’t think anyone was injured but I couldn’t help thinking somebody’s moom was about to have a bad day.

So, fugly weather here today but worse in the yooperland where the GG and Joan are hiking. Click to Joan’s blog for what they did today. They are okay but lots of oops.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I’ve seen the same here-drivers who don’t pay attention to bicyclists and motorcycles (or get aggressive with them), motorcycles that drive like bats out of you-know-where and bicyclists who claim to be vehicles yet don’t follow the rules of the road ie signaling or stopping at stop signs/lights.