Hoarding Toby mugs

Okay, we don’t hoard Toby mugs (google it🤣) but we have been known to “hoard” iPhones. This stack is from BEFORE 2014. How do I know that? Because the Red Puano is to the right of the table the GG’s mothership used to reside on. That’s before we renovated the Landfill Chitchen.

But we are trying (again) to de-hoard, at least in fits and starts. I wrote about stuffed aminals yesterday. My cousin commented that maybe crisis nurseries or shelters could use some. For about five seconds, I thought that was a really good idea. I mean it IS a really good idea. But then… First I would have to do “research” to find an appropriate place for my particular collection. I know myself well enough to know that this would quickly turn into MAJOR PROCRASTINATION. I mean, I would have to search around and actually CONTACT, you know, other people. I am an introvert?

Also, I have a LARGE collection and not all of them qualify as the kind of “lovies” you might think a baby or kid in crisis would be comforted by. Like there is the LARGE SNAKE (Folktales puppet) that is capable of “eating” things. So I’m not sure it’s an appropriate donation although I’m sure there are some rapscallions in the shelters that wouldn’t mind having a snake for a comfort aminal.

But like I said, there are a LOT of aminals and I decided in the end that Kiwanis is a better destination for this collection. They have armies of volunteers who sort people’s STUFF and arrange it into artistically arranged displays. They currently have a huge collection of Toby mugs. And we can just DROP STUFF OFF. No long conversations necessary. Introvert here?

Apologies to my cousin Pooh for turning her thoughtful suggestion into a blahg post. If y’all have small numbers of CUDDLY stuffties hanging around (I do have some cuddly ones), I’m sure there are organizations who would love to stuff one into a sick or traumatized child’s arms.

We have flung a bunch of laptops and (maybe) iPads. I’m not sure we have gotten to the iPhones yet. It is tricky to offload computing devices because they need to be erased. We can’t just drop them off at Kiwanis.

2 Responses to “Hoarding Toby mugs”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It seems like not all places would welcome stuffed animals since they would have to find some way to clean them. My grandson has a special stuffed leopard that he named “Raw-rie”; when I asked him today whether Rawrie was a boy or a girl, he replied, “It’s a stuffed animal.” LOL

  2. le Marquis Says:

    Have Bill get a couple of strong magnets.