Let there be light

Mr. Golden Sun continues his travels northward and last evening he lit up my coffee station quite spectacularly. He did a similar thing tonight but less spectacularly so Mr. GS is moving north fast. I am in the thick of the Game of Thrones (GOT) series tonight. I limit myself to one or two episodes an evening. I think I have time to watch a second episode tonight. So g’night!

P.S. As a northern gal, I am totally puzzled as to why the GOT night watch guys DO NOT WEAR HATS when they are oot and aboot in snowy winter conditions. I mean, Jon Snow has a lot of hair but hair doesn’t really protect your head or EARS! Lord Mormont is practically bald. Neither of them are wearing hats. Here on the Planet Ann Arbor I have actually ASKED hatless people (on below freezing, snowy or even just blustery days), “Where is your hat?” Who is the costume designer and has he/she ever spent time in the yooperland in the winter?

2 Responses to “Let there be light”

  1. le Marquis Says:

    It is about acting

  2. Margaret Says:

    I’ve read that what I always believed about losing a lot of heat through your head isn’t true, but still the head and ears would get cold without covering. I wouldn’t run around naked either so a hat in cold weather only makes sense.