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Pet facebook peeve of the day. People who post OTHER PEOPLE’S photos without permission and/or CREDITING the photographer. A FB high school friend does this constantly, all gorgeous photos of Lake Superior, et al. ALL taken by PROFESSIONAL photographers. No credit given. Well, okay, this person now seems to be commenting to credit the photographer. I think if you are going to post someone else’s photo you should 1) ask for permission and 2) credit them in the original post, not way down in the comments.

I said above that ALL of these re-posts are from professionals but actually this person has posted one of MY photos once. I am NOT a professional photographer nor do I have any aspirations in that direction. As I like to say, if you take 10,000 photos, a few of them are gonna turn out nicely. This one wasn’t even all that special. It a quick-and-dirty pic of the stop sign at the top of the moomincabin road with a homemade paper “Don’t Stop Believing” banner taped across it. A low stakes “prank” by my triplet cousins (first cousins twice removed) who were in high school at the time. The photo thief is a big Journey fan. Journey did (does? I dunno) a lot of energetic feel-good rock and I enjoy them but I’m not a huge fan. In a way I didn’t really care. After all, it was a silly photo. But this is a person who poses as being impeccably honorable and I was annoyed so I POLITELY called them out by noting that I had taken the photo.

Rant over I guess. Boomer does not refer to myself although I am one. We were the generation that wanted to change the world and then we turned into the ME generation and then a lot of us (NOT ME) turned into MAGAts. I don’t blame young people for thinking we’ve “ruined the world”. I just know that we aren’t the first generation to “ruin the world”. Us boomers once blamed our elders for just that. I don’t have the chops to write any more about that tonight.

The boomers in today’s pics represent the beautiful thunderstorms we had last night. I love thunderstorms, even severe ones. I do NOT love tornadoes, which too many people in the midwest experienced last night. The photos are me standing in the Landfill doorway with my iPhone. The first was easy to get. I had to be quick to get the second lightning view.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I always try to credit the photographers and ask permission first–even if they go on my blog where that person will never see them. I don’t know what’s happened to so many in our generation who don’t seem to comprehend the struggles of the generations following us and why they would feel such stress over the state of the world/nation.