Total grock confusion

How many times can two people screw up a simple grock list. I had my (very short) list to pick up at the Plum this morning. Lizard had her own list for Sparrow Market and the People’s Food Co-op. We tried to make sure that Mouse didn’t HAVE a grock list because she WORKS at the grocery.

Things went downhill fast from there. KW was supposed to pick up some produce items and totally manhandled transferring them from one list app to another and therefore did not get them. Lizard experienced some chorizo confusion and had to make a trip to the Plum to get the right kind of chorizo. Then. Dun dun dun. Moom, where would you put red peppers? Oops. I wouldda bopped over to the plum to get red peppers and an onion but Cygnus was parked in. So we texted Mouse. We knew she wouldn’t want to go back into the store after working there all day but fortunately the Raccoon was willing to do the job.

The one positive thing is that garlic bread was also in the plan. We had ingredients for that but nobody had to make it because I had set some up a while ago and it was in the freezer!

Skillet Basque Chicken and Rice (The Lemon Apron) ensued and was very successful, so much so that we’ll do it again!

So everyone left around eight and yer fav-o-rite blahgger didn’t waste any time embarking on the next GOT episode. Blahg? What blahg? So this mish-mash is what you get tonight.

The pic is from the river this morning. It was a quick point-and-shoot out of Cygnus’s window (parked in a safe place). Today was also robin day. Robins were EVERYWHERE including one on the N. Maple “speedway” that I don’t *think* I ran over. Usually small birds are agile about dodging automotive vee-hickles, flying off just in time. I wasn’t sure if this one made it or not. I couldn’t slow down because I had a f*cking tailgater. I didn’t notice any kind of thump. I couldn’t see if there was a carcass behind me. Is a robin too small for me to notice if I ran over it? I do not know.

G’night and typos be damned, KW.

2 Responses to “Total grock confusion”

  1. Margaret Says:

    John and I had chicken tamales thanks to Ashley. They were delicious! I’ve never had any Basque food–sounds intriguing. I’ve been seeing many robins lately too and they are huge!

  2. Pooh Says:

    Did you use the special basque chili, or paprika mix? This sounds so good!