JEEBUS! I settled down to an afternoon’s work after what passes for lunch and there was a small brown thing on the carpet across the room from me. It was a MOUSE🐭!!! A scurry mouse, NOT a puffalump mouse. What the heck?

Here at the Landfill… Well, the mice come in, the mice go out, the mice play pinochle on my snout. (Not really. I hope.) I have not seen rodent droppings or other sign of mouse for eons. This one was running around the edges of my front living room. It’s rare but not unheard of to see them any place other than under the kitchen sink. That’s where the traps are so they are usually (but not always) dead when we see them there. I hate when they are caught in a trap and not dead but that’s a whole ‘nother story.

I had a few moments of magical thinking about how I could stage-manage THIS mouse OUT of the HOUSE. Could I prop the front door open and “broom” him out? Could I trap him under a container like we have been known to do with insects? Like I said, this was magical thinking. Traps will have to be set and I suppose I will have to deal with that in the short term since the Lord High Executioner is outta town. For the moment I am living with the idea that a very small aminal is my housemate. Or probably multiple small aminals since when there is one mouse there are always more. I’m sure YouTube will instruct me in how to set a mouse trap. Where is my dad with his diazinon?

The pic? Two of these long flat rectangular plastic storage boxes have been in the Landfill for more years than I am strong enough to count. They belong to a beach urchin and they both left yesterday! Yay! I have long been at the point in flinging that I have gotten rid of everything that I feel confident to make decisions about, i.e., it belongs to MEEEE or I’m absolutely sure that the owner doesn’t remember it or wouldn’t want to deal with it. I wasn’t sure about these boxes. The one in the pic is empty, the other is filled with yarn. I’ve offered a few times to take the yarn to the Scrap Box and was politely rebuffed. After all, it is not MY yarn.

Finally, guess what I did at lunchtime today? I went outside and BASKED in Mr. Golden Sun’s WARM light. It was suddenly in the 60s(?!?) and I was wearing a tie-dyed t-shirt and polarfleece vest. I was hot. I did NOT wear a sunhat. At this time of year, us northerners NEED sun. My walking hours are still before the sun comes up. It didn’t last long enough for me to get a sunburn. Clouds rolled in just about the time I needed to get back to work and rumbly thunder rolled around in the late afternoon.

One Response to “EEEEEEEEEK!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    The temps are up and down and the sun is in and out and I’m either too hot or too cold. It must be spring! A mouse in the house, I wouldn’t like that one bit. I suspect that Mari would make short work of it.