Looking for a new “spring” facebook profile pic, I found this. No you can’t tell what season it was but it was April. (This isn’t on facebook yet because I’m still trying to decide whether it’s too weird to post there.)

This is PRE-pandemic and look at my fugly scraggly hair 🤣. I’m pretty sure I got my hair cut pre-pandemic. I mean after this fugly. But it was already getting a bit shaggy when we locked down. Mouse cut it summer 2021 when we were in that stupid “I’m vaxxed so I’m immune” era. I had a gift certificate to my fave hair gal winter 2022 but then I got COVID myself and that zapped my psychological energy enough that I never got around to following through. So. I’ll get mouse to do it again when it’s warm enough to cut hair outside and I’ll go from there. (Hair gal is “retiring” from the biz.)

I have a complicated relationship with long hair. I ALWAYS wanted long hair as a child but The Commander mostly got me pixie cuts. Which I HATED. I wanted waist-length hair. Alas, my hair, as abundant as it is, does not do waist length. It gets about to the length in the pic and gets scraggly. Eventually I figured out that what I really liked was what I call a Mom Bob – a longish one. I love when my hair feels bouncy. It does not feel bouncy right now. It feels scraggly.

And that expression? I was just fooling around but my FinFam is showing in this one. When The Comm and my old coot got married and moved from the American southwest through Detroit to Sault Ste. Siberia (long story), they lived with my grandparents for a short while. They got married when they were 22 and 24 and in her later years, The Comm once told me she thought my grandma was a bit leery about their marriage because they were so young. I always remember mom and grandma getting along fine and I think that was real. I’m also sure the newlyweds were relieved when they moved to an apartment downtown.

Anyway, she remembered my banker grandfather making collection calls to repossess houses and cars. And cows. She said the kind gentle man I remember would put some steel into his voice to make those calls. I imagine an expression similar to mine in the pic and I remember my dad being capable of making a similar expression. But in this pic, I’m just being silly.

P.S. I still have that iPhone. Will have to remedy that soon!

One Response to “scary.jpg”

  1. Margaret Says:

    You have lovely thick hair! Your expression is intimidating though. 🙂