Not over

There is a covid test (probably long expired) on the dining table. It is there because the GG told me last night that he had a “chest cold”. Um, right. He is coming home tomorrow from a couple weeks on the North Country Trail and whatever it is that he has, covid or not, I DO NOT WANT TO CATCH IT.

It’s not like he has been oot and aboot with a whole crapload of maskless humanity, although he himself has been maskless since May 2021 when the idiots (yes) at the CDC told us all we could take off our masks if we were vaxxed. That worked well, didn’t it. Omicron survivor here.

Folks, covid is NOT GONE. A friend of mine had tickets to see a play last Friday. It was canceled/postponed because… Why? If you guessed the cast had covid, DING DING DING, YOU win the booby prize.

The GG has NOT been partying down at all the northern bars. He has not even been going to restaurants. He and Joan each have their own small trailers and are cooking food in them. They have been hosted for dinner by a couple people and I’m aure the GG has gone (unmasked) into various stores. But he is engaged in low covid risk activities. His symptoms have abated and he’s thinking sinus infection now. I hope so.

As you might see, the sun is now starting to rise during my 0-skunk-30 walk.

2 Responses to “Not over”

  1. Margaret Says:

    What a gorgeous sunrise! And no, Covid is definitely not gone. 🙁

  2. Jay Says:

    The SO of a friend at work died from Covid a few weeks ago, after more than a month in the hospital. She is now trying to raise his two kids, pre-teens I think. They have been living as a family unit for some time, but the older child is having a very difficult time coping. It is not over.