This has been my office for the past three years. I won’t provide the rest of this couch’s history tonight.

This arrived in the driveway this afternoon. It contained a bee-yoo-tiffel new teal couch.

I didn’t get a pic of the new couch coming in but I got a few of the old couch going out. There was a moment of suspense when the GG was asked what was going to happen to the couch. My heart was in my throat until he said it was going into the U-Haul to be taken to its final resting place. So here it goes into the kitchen.

And here it goes through the “window” between the kitchen and the back room. Needless to say, getting large pieces of furniture in and out of The Landfill requires a circuitous route and temporary removal of a doorwall. And a bit of tetris.

Safely in the U-Haul. Whew! The GG was feeling a bit sad and expressed a desire to sleep in the U-Haul. He was KIDDING but I was kinda wishing we had a SLEEPABLE trailer here, aka the Lyme Lounge because I AM NOT SLEEPING WITH HIM UNTIL HE STOPS COUGHING. He really isn’t very sick but again, whatever he has, COVID or not, I DO NOT WANT IT!

And voila! Here it is!

MANY THANKS to 🐭 and 🦝 for all their help! The GG at one point started to say something about whether we (he and I) could manhandle it into the house. I told him in no uncertain terms that I was NOT HELPING HIM. I am NOT his identical twin and we do NOT move furniture well together. Plus the Green Couch is extremely heavy.

One Response to “Aloha”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I also make it clear that I’m not up for moving things; I only have one back and want to keep it in decent shape. LOVE the new couch–such a perfect color and it looks comfy.