This is the Green Couch’s final resting place. Recycle Ann Arbor’s drop-off station. They do also recycle things here but alas the Green Couch was destined for the landfill. I mean the city landfill, not my own personal landfill, aka my house.

The GG says this couch is 100 years old. I’m not sure if that’s true or if he’s joking but if I have it right, it wasn’t new when the cFam parents (aka *his* parents) adopted it. They raised 10 children in their house in Royal Joke and when they moved to Fla (and didn’t take it with them), the GG was a bit bereft. I did not want the couch. I HATE that color for one thing and yeah I know it couldda been reupholstered. In fact his mom and grandma (her mom) did reupholster it once. I am not that handy with large-scale sewing and at the time, we couldn’t afford a professional job. I think we did have the main seat cushion fixed at some point.

One of his “selling points” for me accepting the Green Couch was, “Every person in my family has been sick on it.” Despite that, I did accept it into our home and eventually made my peace with it. Heck, I’ve even been sick on it a few times, including one HORRIBLE vomiting virus during which I was sucking ice slivers to stay hydrated. (I didn’t vomit on the couch.)

From time to time I have (jokingly) asked the cFam at large if anyone wanted to adopt it. A niece adopted a bunch of other old cFam furniture (end tables and such, that stuff drives me NUTS) but no one wanted the Green Couch.

Last week MMCB asked me if it was worth donating to someone who would actually USE it. I hemmed and hawed. It is definitely functional but it would need a LOT of cleaning and fixing up for someone to take it into their home. I have seen crappy old couches advertised (for free) on next door neighbor as dog couches to keep out in the garage. I suppose we could have tried that but in the end the path of least resistance was to U-Haul it off to the “drop-off center”. You pay your money and they take if off your hands no questions asked and minimal interpersonal interaction.

So. The end of an era or two or three. I love the new Teal Couch but I am getting accustomed to a different form factor. It’s okay, I’ll manage 🤣

One Response to “R.I.P.”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Love the teal couch! But it’s sad to say goodbye to something that holds so many memories no matter what its condition.