The Grinch who stole Easter – or tried to

The Easter Grinch was covid and we had a bit of a scare that threatened our Easter celebration. In the end it was a false alarm and the weather was so gorgeous that we sat in the back yard around a little faaar until Mr. Golden Sun dipped low enough toward the horizon that we started getting chilly.

I am over my intense fear of getting covid. I’ve had it and I don’t think it will kill me (knock on wood). But people do still die from it, not to mention that grocery and other service workers have to deal with the reality that if they test positive, they cannot go to work even if they are asymptomatic. Some of them get paid time off, others do not. I wish everyone would still take covid seriously and try not to pass it around. Same with other cold-like viruses.

We observe Easter in a secular way. My facebook feed on Easter is always filled with pictures of Jesus with “He has risen” captions. This is balderdash to me. I didn’t even believe it when I was a Sunday School child. I know there are probably symbolic aspects to this story but I didn’t understand them then and I don’t understand them now. I totally support others who believe in Jesus’s resurrection. Freedom to believe in whatever religion one wants to is part of our country’s foundation. And I mean ANY religion, even those that are not popular with white Christian conservatives. And yes I know “white Christian conservatives” is a stereotype.

The flowers are Siberian squill (I think) and they are the first wildflowers I have seen in “my” woods this spring. I’ll be looking for trout lily next. Stay tuned.

2 Responses to “The Grinch who stole Easter – or tried to”

  1. Pam J. Says:

    I’m also not as afraid of covid as I once was but in most ways I should be more fearful. Because…. my husband and I had it in early January. Yes, we’re vaxxed and wear masks. We thought we’d both recovered from it but Doug had a lingering mild cough. Flash forward to late February: Doug went into the ER on Feb 25, was released from the hospital on Mar 13. In-between? IV antibiotics for bacterial pneumonia, surgery for empyema (something I’d never heard of before), and today, finally, I’ll give him his last IV antibiotics from home. I was trained in how to give him the drug so he could come home to finish recuperating. He had no underlying medical conditions that made him susceptible to a secondary covid infection (unlike me, with my under-control but never to be cured leukemia). So there’s a real-life story to add to the mix in your head about this nasty disease.

  2. Margaret Says:

    Balderdash! Oh, how I can relate to that word although I didn’t use it in my last post. I did discuss my secular approach to Easter though too. Glad you had a nice holiday with family.