Terlet Roooomba

The weekend before last, it came to my attention that my ancient Roomba was running out of battery a little earlier than usual.

I went online to order a new battery but Oops… Dun dun dun… I got seduced by the NEW Roombas. So. I. Ordered. A. New. One. Just like that! Wow, is this one different than my old one!

For one thing, it doesn’t have roller brushes like the old ones did. Those things had to be cleaned EVERY damn time I used it (for best performance). My long fugly hair and any threads or whatever would get wrapped tightly around the brushes and I had to use a pair of scissors to cut it all out. Don’t ask but it was pretty gross albeit not vomit-inducing gross. But I would always “birthday wash” my hands after a cleaning session. This one? The brushes have been replaced by, well, I’m not sure what they are made of, silicon or something maybe. I don’t know because I haven’t even opened the “brush cage” yet. Why? Because she CLEANS HERSELF! That tower there holds a vacuum bag and when Roooomba senses that she is full, she returns to her charging station and WHOOSH! Everything gets sucked up the tower and into the bag. If she hasn’t finished her route, she continues until she is finished.

And how do I know when I need new bags (or a battery or whatever). There is an app. Of COURSE there is an APP. Nowadays there is an app for everything and then some. It keeps a history of Rooomba’s runs and will notify me when she needs new parts or maintenance. Kinda like Cygnus does.

A Teal Couch bonus? I was hanging out on my teal yesterday and Rooomba was running and I realized that she was running BEHIND ME! That meant she was UNDER THE COUCH. NOTHING could get under the Green Couch.

I did order a new battery for my old Roomba and some other replacement parts (brushes, filter, etc.). I thought I would offer her to the beach urchins (if either of them wanted her). Alas, I cannot get her to work properly. I am NOT mechanically inclined at all so maybe the GG will eventually spend some time troubleshooting and figure out if she can be fixed.

Disclaimers: 1) She doesn’t have anything to do with the terlet. I just think she and her charging base make a sorta terlet shape when they are connected. 2) This is not an official product review and I do not get any compensation from iRobot. This is my third Roomba and I happen to love them. Why drag a big heavy Hoover around if you don’t have to. And I do own a Hoover. I own at least five vacuum cleaners but that would be a whole ‘nother story.

One Response to “Terlet Roooomba”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’ve never had one but unless it can do stairs, I’m not interested. LOL