Weather Report, Tick Report

I’m not sure why every time the GG calls me (and he doesn’t call me everyday, which is fine), he gives me a weather report. I LOOK AT THE WEATHER ALL THE TIME!!! Anyway, the weather in the great white north has been similar to the weather on the Planet Ann Arbor. A string of hot DRY days, rain (more in the north than here) turning to snow. Although snow at this time of year on the Planet Ann Arbor is a joke and may not happen at all. We will see. It might be more of a significant event in the Great White North.

The tick report is much more interesting. Fortunately he only had two of them today. Our friend Joan found one and I do not know what the Uncly Uncle had.

Other than that there was not a lot to discuss. I am off the hook for driving four hours to dog-sit a sweet elderly dog for multiple days. Whew! I LIKE dogs but at this point in my life, I am not all that interested in hanging around with them and don’t know enough about them to be an adequate care-taker. I am a one dog woman (even on a three dog night) and that dog was my childhood Tigger-dog, long gone.

Next there was an upcoming Birthday Week, one of several such weeks in our families. Do we have any plans? Not yet and they won’t be big ones in any case. FinFam Steak Dinner maybe? We’ll see…And then there was the whole GOT thing where I tried to explain the books vs. the TV series. He has not watched the series or read the books. But he did opine that I seem to be approaching both in a “literary” way. Which I am, although I didn’t start my GOT journey in that way. It has sure turned into a prodject and I am STILL behind on my 2023 Goodreads challenge albeit only by seven books.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Ticks!! I am still terrified of them. Never seen one, never want to. I got very obsessed with HP, mostly the books. I love my Book Club because of our literary discussions. I learn a lot about myself and others.