Primal scream

My job has been a little slow for the past few weeks. It sometimes is. I remember when I first worked there it bothered me terribly. I have a work ethic that regularly knocks me upside the head. I NEEEEEED to be busy. In a PRODUCTIVE way.

One day I was kvetching about it a bit and W1.5, who worked over the wall from me then said, “Don’t worry about these slow times.” He had worked for the company(ies) for umpteen bazillion years and I learned to heed his advice. Nowadays I can always find something to do but I was antsy this time.

Today work came back with a vengeance and I spent HOURS watching a recording of a meeting the development team and I had last week, then another couple hours in a LIVE meeting with dev. What was funny was that 1) I felt like I had been IN meetings all day and 2) Whenever I heard my name, I jumped to attention like I might have to actually interact but noooo, I was watching a recording.

I love these guys but English is their second language and when they get going off on a tangent (and they do), I cannot keep up. I bet the mix of my (American) northern city vowel shift, yooperland, and canuckian accents drives them nuts too. And when I listen to our meeting recordings, I talk FAST. But I don’t talk a LOT. I mostly LISTEN. That’s the best way to accomplish my job. Let them all talk, then come back in with a recap and any questions I have.

I think my mouse took this trout lily pic back in 2020. Trout lilies are blanketing the woods behind my house now but they are not opened up when I walk at 0-skunk-30 so I have not gotten a good pic. Anyway, my mouse is much better at nature photography and this looks like her work.

One Response to “Primal scream”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I don’t like the feeling of inactivity when I think I ought to be doing something. It jangles my nerves! John and I took pics of a bunch of skunk cabbage on a walk the other day. It was yellow too!