Henry or Henrietta?

I was walking past the front door this afternoon when my peripheral vision glimpsed a brown “lump” on the front porch. I knew I hadn’t had a package delivery because when I am working, I see every blasted package delivery vee-hickle that comes by. It had to be an aminal.

And so it was. Henry or Henrietta, I have no way of knowing. I was lucky to get close enough to the glass door to get this pic. After this I tried to creep a bit closer but I scared H/H and he/she hopped away.

This afternoon I saw TWO rabbits skulking around in the bushes outside my window at TeleCubelandia. I don’t know exactly when rabbits mate or how long their gestational period is and I could in no way shape or form tell if either of these rabbits was pregnant. I’m guessing Henrietta is pregnant but hasn’t delivered yet. How do I know this? Actually I don’t but a few years ago, we were having a family dinner here at The Landfill. People were doing laundry and a particularly tall person was in the Landfill Dungeon switching laundry and that person saw baby rabbit ears under Sugar the sled. I am not tall enough to see something like that out that window unless I’m actively looking for it. It was May 5th, 2019 so I’m thinking they have a nest somewhere. But maybe no babies quiiiite yet because mama would need to be close to the nest until her babies are old enough to be on their own. Softball sized.

I got permission to post the second pic then from the photographer and I’m guessing that’s still good. I had a REALLY HARD TIME finding this picture until I looked it up in my wordpress blahg database that I downloaded a couple months ago. After a couple of search terms failed, I tried “baby rabbit” and that did the trick.

One Response to “Henry or Henrietta?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    You remind me that I haven’t seen my neighborhood rabbit(s) lately. I hope no other animals have done them a mischief.