Bits and pieces

After a grueling work week of the brain-draining sort I had a minor bit of triumph today! I didn’t triumph over people. I triumphed over my own stumbling brain, trying to understand a certain bit of functionality. I am not gonna crow over this too much. 1) I’m sure I don’t understand it all yet. 2) Pride goeth before a fall.

I went to take the compost out this afternoon and there was a huge commotion in the “garden”. Henry (or Henrietta?) had found his/her way into the garden and could not get out. Hopping around like crazy jumping up against the wire fencing. I opened the DOOR to the garden and tried to coax Henry out. Of COURSE, Henry was terrified of me ANYWAY. It was warm enough to sit outside so I did that. It was supposed to be 80 today but I don’t think we ever broke 70 but that was okay.

The beach urchins and one of the SOs were scheduled for dinner tonight and by the time the first beach urchin arrived and dumped her compost, Henry had apparently figgered a way out.

So, eggplant parm, noodles with pesto and garlic bread tonight. We were able to sit out in the back yard until it got a little chilly, then ate inside.

Leftovers are put away and dishes are in the dishioshio washer or soaking in the sink and I am on to GOT. G’night.

One Response to “Bits and pieces”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I wish I liked eggplant. I would love those noodles though! Glad that Bunny got out. Could you send us 10 degrees or so? Brrr.