Lace-ish contrast

My eye is drawn to contrasting textures in nature and these just-beginning-to-leaf trees and the dissipating vapor trail fit the bill. This is from my back yard last evening.

A childhood/moomincabin friend mis-heard “vapor trails” once and called them “paper jails”. Some of us teased her unmercifully for that “mistake”. Mainly me. She was a couple years younger than me and a little bit naive as a child. I mean, she didn’t have a pair of older male cousins or a scamp like UKW for a cousin. Family legend has it that UKW taught me and our other same-age female cousin how to climb out of our cribs at a very early age. I don’t think our moms were too happy about that.

Anyway I played with my paper jails friend when my cousins weren’t around (it’s okay, she played with some of my cousins too) but wasn’t always all that nice to my her (not to mention some of my younger cousins). I did learn as I grew into a teenager that teasing was NOT a good thing and we had some good times when she and I were in high school together and were friendly as adults.

Alas, she died way too young. She was involved in a car accident that killed the driver of the other car and put her in the hospital and rehab for I forget how long. It was ugly and I don’t think she ever walked again. I know her husband rigged up an elevator sort of thing to get her up to the main floor of her parents’ house on the moominbeach. She died rather suddenly while being transported by her caretakers to a medical appointment.

Okay, got that outta my system. Porterzoomation happened tonight and I am about to start up GOT. G’night!

2 Responses to “Lace-ish contrast”

  1. Jay Says:

    I do miss her

  2. Margaret Says:

    That’s a very sad story. 🙁