Ain’t no way yer gettin’ past me and my hens you baggy ol’ lady

For what felt like 10 minutes but was probably more like two, this old admiral strutted (embiggen a couple times) slowly back and forth across the road trailing various hens behind him. I didn’t care. I was not in a hurry. I was in pocketa pocketa mode out on the back roads. I mean, you can’t go fast even if you want to because it is pothole city at this time of year.

In other news, the GG has been outta town for a large portion of April and he has again returned, just in time for the late-April cFam birthday week. Today is FlaMan’s bday (and my long gone grandma Margaret’s). The GG stopped off on his southward journey to spend time with FlaMan today. A lunch at Red Slobster was offered but FlaMan preferred pizza and a movie (A League of Their Own) at his home instead.

The GG has been gone for a long enough time that one afternoon when I encountered LukeOfPNet in the woods, he broached the question, “Where is the GG?” Hiking the Appalachian North Country Trail of course. I sort of chortle to myself any time I answer a question about his whereabouts with “hiking the NCT” because I always remember the politician who tried to cover up an affair by claiming he was taking a hike. But that’s a politician kind of thing to do and the GG is NOT a politician and doesn’t have any kind of dangereuse liaisons to cover up.

P.S. I sure missed the boat on this entry’s title. I should have called it “Why did the chicken cross the road?” 🤣🤣🤣

One Response to “Ain’t no way yer gettin’ past me and my hens you baggy ol’ lady”

  1. Margaret Says:

    John will be gone for the rest of April and most of May. I’m keeping busy but I do miss him!