My “recurrent” dreams fall into various categories. Not that they are exactly recurrent but they belong to themes.

There are the Processing Dreams. These are where whatever technical thing I’m working on gets into a loop and I can’t break out of it. Until I discovered computers, it was mainly music stuff. I would be going over and over a flute piece or whatever. Sometimes I would be trying to play something with NO MUSICAL NOTATION. Like I would have a sheet of music in front of me that had PICTURES or diagrams or whatever on it. I played a lot of esoteric 20th century stuff in college and some of it had very complex notation but pictures? I still have occasional music processing dreams but most of my processing dreams nowadays are coding dreams. I can’t say that they actually help me with my job but who knows what’s going on in my subconscious?

Then there are the Packing Dreams. I am sitting on the floor (example) with a diaper bag, gathering baby clothing and toys, etc., to put into the bag, packing it for a trip. Just when I think I have everything in the bag, I look around and see a whole bunch more random stuff to pack. My most vivid memory of a packing dream involves a diaper bag (a blue corduroy one that we actually owned) but I have had plenty of these dreams at least throughout my adulthood. As a child, my most frequent container to pack in was the bushel basket us kids were issued when moving to the moomincabin for the summer. Everything I needed fit into that.

Shoreline Dreams. I’ve been dreaming about weird fantastical moominbeach geographical features my entire life. A place on the two-track we walked to Doelle’s on as kids had an UNDERGROUND section and I THINK this dream preceded the “foxholes”. Also canals where there are no canals, little inland lakes back in the swamp on the other side of the cabin road. A big hill right in the moomincabin back yard with a ROPE TOW. And once a good-sized forested island BETWEEN the moominbeach and Round Island.

The island dream was a prescient dream of sorts. The day after I dreamed that was the day I resigned from the young actor’s guild. I loved YAG. I had a great time working for YAG, making the trains run on time. I believe that organization played a major role in shepherding the beach urchins through their teenage years, helping to make them the wonderful adults they are. But making the trains run on time is my forte and too many other responsibilities were falling on my shoulders. Interacting with “problem” people mainly. I am actually not bad at interpersonal relations but when somebody has a problem I can’t easily solve, I sorta fall apart. Conflict management and “crucial conversations” are not my thing. That island dream was somehow a turning point.

We’ll talk about prescient dreams some other day. Or not. I have had them. They are rare and they are never about anyone I’m close to. At least not the worst ones. Spooky? Yeah, it can be.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    There was a period of time where I remembered many of my dreams, but not lately. It’s interesting how yours fall into categories. Perhaps mine do also…if I could just remember them!