Mad Dash To Da Yoop and Back (Say ya, eh?)

When Mouse was a little girl rodent, I never quite knew what would come out of her head next and one day on the way home from nursery school, she said that she wished we could take our whole house with us when we went north to Houghton Lake or Siberia. I guess that would make it easier to pack. Although I don’t really mind the 5 hour drive (4-3/4 hours on a good day), my own personal fantasy is to hop into a little booth, push a button, open the door and be in Siberia. Just like that.

I wasn’t quite sure that I had time to travel anywhere this weekend. I have a *lot* to do in the next ten days. But we hadn’t been up there since mid-February and I like to check up on my octogenarian in person once a month or so. It was a quick trip and I spent a lot of it chained to my MacBook flipping back and forth between PhotoShop, Flash and Illustrator. But it was fun too.

Kenny’s Pitchen, Clyde’s, Glen’s, waterfront, post office, newspaper, Alberta House. And yesterday afternoon, we moseyed down the street to the Norris Center to attend the Spring Show. I haven’t been to the spring show since I was a kid. It used to be at the armory in those days. One year Jim managed to leave Woofie in a fertilizer spreader (or some kind of machine). This potential tragedy was averted by our friend Ginny, who recognized Woofie and delivered him to our house and I think Pengo has him now.

This year, the spring show didn’t look at all promising when we first walked in. In fact, the ambience bore a strong resemblance to that of the Kinross Mall. But The Commander was in fine form and chatted up just about everybody in the place, from the VFW guys to some hospital flea market ladies. We talked to the Sault High robot team and a groundwater stewardship person using, of all things, Anny Hubbard paintings in her display. And I won’t tell you what The Comm told the police at their booth.

Home again today. I’ll get back up there in May, which’ll be an exciting month even without classes. Aimée will be home from Africa and driving through the Yoop and The Comm will be traveling downstate with me for a little visit. I think I am about done with this rambling, higgledy-piggledy blahg entry. The next ten days will be intense, Henry is in the back yard, the sun is over the yardarm, and I guess I better go scrounge some food out of my barren kitchen. And I guess I was popular today because both of my kids called me at the same time. How was your weekend?

3 Responses to “Mad Dash To Da Yoop and Back (Say ya, eh?)”

  1. webmomster Says:

    You betcha that Pengo has Woofie!! In fact, the Woofie story came up during out Octo-check-in *last weekend* although I had no idea it was at the “Spring Fertilzer Show” or whutevver it was called Way Back Then.

    Who’s “Henry”?

  2. kayak woman Says:

    Henry is a big rabbit that hangs out in my yard. He has been known to lie down and *snooze* out there.

  3. kayak woman Says:

    Hey, whaddya know! Akismet will finally let Kayak Woman post comments!