Twinz of Terror

I was a bit remiss yesterday about not posting a pic or two of the twinz. Here they are as little kids. Actually I have two versions of this, mirror images. Somebody must have scanned a slide, then turned it over and scanned it again? I dunno.

And the twinz now, or at least not too many years pre-covid.

These boys are 5th and 6th out of a set of 10 siblings. If I have it right, Grandma Sally didn’t know she was having twins until they were born. That story is probably complicated (there was an x-ray that hinted at two babies) and I’m just an out-law so I don’t really know it fluently. The best person to ask is probably their older sister The Lady of Linden. When the twins were born, she had an older brother and two younger ones and was hoping for a baby sister but ended up with two more brothers instead. Six kids under six. I think she got a bike out of the deal? Anyway, three more girls eventually came along plus another boy.

It was their aunt Gale (like the wind, she would always say) who told me “the twins were holy terrors”. That was at our wedding rehearsal dinner. I already had an inkling about that. Put to positive efforts, holy terrors can do a lot of good and these guys are among the good.

One Response to “Twinz of Terror”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Holy terrors are often active and engaged. They get things done, even stuff we don’t necessarily want them to! It’s all about channeling their energy.