Mommy blahggin’

I started my blahg in 2003 and although I was a mother, I did not consider myself a mommy blogger. My kids were in high school and college then and I knew waaaaay better than to over-share any bits of their lives on the internet. I mean, I’m sure there were many bits of their lives that I didn’t even KNOW ABOUT (or wanted to)🤣🤣🤣

For a while I followed a bunch of mommy blogs. I mean moms of young children, babies and toddlers, etc. I liked some of them better than others. A lot of them seemed like the same old same old prom queens and sorority sisters I rather disdained in my youth.*

I felt a bit like a voyeur. Some of the mommy bloggers seemed a little too cute or cool or whatever for their own good and I would chortle at some of the stuff they posted, oversharing and sometimes posting questionable pictures of babies without clothing on. Pictures like that should remain in private family albums. Other more dangereuse voyeurs than a baggy old moom were also out there. When one mommy blogger was approached by such a voyeur, she blogged, “What on earth has happened to the internet?” I could only think, “Nothing has happened to the internet. It is and always has been the wild wild west and anyone can get to your blog including people searching for pictures of naked children.”

I figured that a lot of these gals would age out of mommy blogs and it seems like they have. Or maybe it’s their children who have. Most kids learn how to read and I bet school-age kids are not interested in reading about their baby antics, at least not out there for everyone on earth to also read.

Maybe some of these women have moved to FaceBook or Instagram? If they have, I have not searched them out in those places and don’t plan to.

My blahg has always been my own dumping ground for whatever is in my head. I do write about my kids and other family members but they *are* part of my life and I try to be discreet.

*DISCLAIMER! There are some WONDERFUL prom queens and sorority sisters. Some prom queens get elected because they are truly nice folks. I was just jealous. At least of prom queens. I couldn’t have cared less about living in a sorority house with umpteen bazillion women. Living with a few roommates in a crappy box apartment or crumbling old house was bad enough although I had some good roommates too, including my cousin for a while.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I started when my daughters were in junior high/high school and was never a mommy blogger either although they featured prominently in my posts because my life revolved around their activities for the most part.