Keeping it [sur]real

I took this pic last night and promptly forgot about it. The GG was in the Lyme Lounge in the driveway and I was standing at my kitchen sink.

I thought his silhouette out there might be interesting but I didn’t look at the photo until this afternoon. Yes, you can see the GG in there, silhouetted against his laptop. But look at all those other reflections. A hand soap dispenser. My then empty compost container. Some kitchen utensils sticking up out of my teal crock. If you look hard enough you can even sorta see meeeee. And there are LED light things that I can’t even quiiiite figger out.

I LOVE accidentally interesting photos like this. (At least I think it’s interesting.)

The rest of the day was meeee working on various work stuff and the GG backing up my iPhone and laptop and then figuring out what every single dad-blasted device was connected to our main wifi router or switch or whatever it is. We weren’t worried about other people using our wifi*, just trying to level-set on what was WHAT. One puzzling thing was that there was an Android device connected to our wifi. Say what? Turns out it is the picture frame thingy here in my chitchen. Okay then.

*We lock down our wifi here on The Planet Ann Arbor. Up on the moominbeach we don’t. I forbade that when I first installed a DSL back in 2011. I was telecommuting from there while dealing my mother’s last year of life. I was happy to provide free wifi to my neighbor-cousins. At the time, most of them were only up there for short periods of time. At this point, the neighbor-cousins on one side of us are year-round residents and have long paid for their own wifi. On the other side, the folks are not there all year (or even all summer) and I remain happy to provide service. If worse comes to worst, we have good cell service there so phones can always get on the internet.

One Response to “Keeping it [sur]real”

  1. Margaret Says:

    That is an interesting and very reflective photo! The wifi stuff went over my head; John would have understood it though. 🙂