The Trillium Bandit

This is trillium. If you don’t know about trillium, it is a spring wildflower in the Great Lake State and probably many other places and this one is in the woods behind my house. It is a protected plant, meaning you aren’t supposed to pick it. The back of my brain is tickling me a bit that the actual rules are complicated but I don’t really know what they are. Bottom line is we don’t pick trillium.

Except for the time The Commander did. Actually she didn’t “pick” it, I mean she didn’t pick the pretty flowers and put them in a vase. She dug up a trillium plant and attempted to transplant it somewhere else, her house or wherever.

We were on a family ride in the south-eastern yooperland. Me and the GG, our two young beach urchins, and my parents. This was a two vee-hickle operation as we had driven The Indefatigable up there that weekend and between us and the grandparents, there wasn’t a car that could legally or comfortably accommodate six people.

We drove down to and around the Cedarville / Hessel / DeTour / Raber area and as we were driving back north toward Sault Ste. Siberia, we hung a left off M129 south of Pickford onto Rockview Road. The Comm had been told there were trillium plants galore along that road.

And we found some. The Comm was prepared for this trillium heist with a bucket and trowel and glubs. She was also very nervous. The Comm was a Rule Following Woman and she looked forward and back along the road in case the “police” (DNR agents) might arrest her. She was as nervous as if she were about to rob a bank. She accomplished the heist without being apprehended by anyone. Another vee-hickle came up behind us at one point but they were not the DNR and didn’t look like they knew or cared anything about wildflowers.

I’m not sure if the trillium transplant was successful. I don’t remember ever seeing trillium around the yards at the moomincabin or Dillon House after that. I’m sorry that I abetted a trillium heist but it was so much fun to experience my mother actually do something illegal🤣. I mean when I was a kid, I couldn’t even say the word “ain’t” unless I was over in the schoolyard or someplace she couldn’t hear me. And that doesn’t even break a law. After all, “ain’t” is in the dictionary.

One Response to “The Trillium Bandit”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I wonder if we have that here; it doesn’t look familiar. In my case, I remember (as a child) illicit evening trips into the woods to try to find a wild dogwood. Probably not illegal, but somewhat unethical.