First, I spent a while this morning monitoring a chipmunk’s progress scampering back and forth around the edges of the back room, behind the furniture for the most part. I was right to be skeptical about the GG’s capabilities about capturing it because he didn’t. After maybe 10 minutes of this (felt like hours), I excused myself to use the Water Closet. When I came out of there, the GG was on the phone with the UU discussing the latest fraudulent scammer attempts to usurp a relative’s plastic card.

That is all I will say about that except that as annoying as two-factor authentication is, you are HAPPY that your bank is hiring my employer to provide it. You’re welcome and yes, two-factor authentication IS ANNOYING to me too! But being on the phone a part of xmas eve and day dealing with my bank because someone has hacked one of my [very few] plastic cards is more annoying. It was eventually resolved.

The chipmunk apparently went down into the dungeon and we (i.e., the GG) never found it. The GG thinks it actually gets in and out of the Landfill via the basement and not our rather holey doorwall screens. I dunno.

Next thing… The Landfill Refrigimatator has been intermittently making a RATTLY noise for MONTHS. I was kinda rolling with it for a long time but in the last few days, it seems to have gotten WORSE plus a faint WHINY noise started up. All this time the GG has been saying he thinks defrosting the freezer will fix it. Um. Nope. This is a FROST-FREE fridge and if you tell me I have to start defrosting it, WE ARE GETTING A NEW ONE! Turns out it does NOT need to be defrosted at all. It is various other minor (I hope) things related to a “motor”. He cleaned up the motor and it hasn’t rattled since.

That got us into a Landfill-style discussion about how old the current fridge is. He was thinking we bought it in 2008 but that was not the argument. We DID buy this one in 2008. The argument was that we bought an earlier version of THIS fridge in 1997. So we have had two. After rummaging through a bunch of paperwork, he agreed with me.

The fridge we bought in 1997 (that he didn’t seem to remember) replaced the then 31-year-old fridge that came with the Landfill. That one had been in a failure mode for YEARS but being young “poor” parents, we didn’t replace it and we didn’t replace it and we didn’t replace it. Until. The ice storm of 1997. When the power finally came back on, that ancient fridge was making a loud seagull kind of noise. Skrawk! Skrawk! It was a Monday and the GG was fixing to go off to work and I said something like, “NO YOU ARE NOT GOING TO WORK! WE ARE BUYING A NEW FRIDGE!” And we did. It lasted 11 years and then it died and we bought a nearly identical copy of it in 2008. The GG is conflating storms and refrigimatators a bit but the 1997 fridge just died on its own (in 2008). It was not storm related.

Whoosh! Did that all make sense?

One Response to “Domesticity”

  1. Margaret Says:

    You are lucky that the GG is so handy! I dread shopping for a new fridge but that day is coming since mine is 27 years old. A squirrel inside! They’re cute but only out in nature.