Woke up on the wrong side of the bed!

Oh Geez. First, I didn’t get to bed “on time” last night. That was okay. I tossed and turned a bit but not a whole ton. I had some REM-type processing dreams that I can’t really remember at this point, just that certain people had bits and pieces of information I needed to sort out a problem and I couldn’t get them all in the same room at once, let alone answer my questions. Some of them are dead, so there ya go.

I got up 5:00-ish to use the water closet. I didn’t really go back to sleep after that. I kept looking at the clock as it inched closer and closer to 6:00 AM. At six, I decided I could slodge around a bit longer even though I wasn’t able to sleep. But then it was 6:30. Yikes, I need to get up. Except, why the heck is it so dern dark? Was it raining? I wasn’t sure. I grabbed my phone to check the weather. Guess what? My phone proclaimed that it was ONLY 5:30 AM.

It took me a while to process that. I mean for a weird moment I was thinking my phone was wrong… I thought about calling the old “at the tone the time will be” lady but it’s been a looooonnng time since we’ve had a landline and I don’t even know how to do that anymore. Like doesn’t my iPhone connect with a reliable time source? Naval Observatory Master Clock or whatever? I schlepped out to the chitchen to check Gertrude’s clock and it matched my iPhone.

Okay then. I guess it’s not quiiiiite time to get up yet. It wasn’t until MUCH later in the day that I got to wondering why it had been so dark at “6:30” since Mr. Golden Sun rises BEFORE 6:30 these days. Like yesterday when he was brilliant and well above ground when I got to the farmers market at seven. Somehow our alarm clock, which doesn’t keep good time anyway, had apparently gotten switched to Daylight Savings time AGAIN.

It was a good day and I got some vaccuming and mopping chores done and cleaned the bathroom. A beach urchin was scheduled to visit late this afternoon to grab some art work I don’t want and some yard cleanup tools she needs. When she found out we were grilling a chicken, she decided to stay for dinner. I would have asked her but I am sensitive to my adult daughters’ lives enough that I don’t want them to feel pressured to come over to the Landfill for dinner every Sunday or whatever. I mean it would be so easy to fall into that kind of thing now that no one is in SanFran or Detroit or Ypsilanti or Manchester but I know they need their own space. But we had fun tonight!

Haha! The cattycorner neighbors are moving. When their house was still up for sale, the beach urchins were at least superficially interested. We all decided it was a little too close for comfort🤣

We have robins again. ’tis the season. They have nested around the corner from our backyard “nook” this time so we didn’t realize that they had laid four eggs and one hatched today. The GG took this pic using a selfie stick at a time when the parents were momentarily away from the next. We are very careful not to disturb them. This baby is not totally out of its egg.

2 Responses to “Woke up on the wrong side of the bed!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I feel so discombobulated when I wake up and it’s not the time I expect. This morning it was about 3 but it felt a couple hours later.

  2. l4827 Says:

    We hope that the horse race, didn’t keep you up… Interesting, that the lady with the time, does not exist in this millennium. We also remember the time lady. Though it was rare for us to call have her before eleven a.m. Any nest, which comes next, may have more blue eggs in it.