First local asparagus

This was the first Saturday in May and that marks the day the farmers market opens at seven AM for the first time of the season. I didn’t have a whole lot on my list, onions and apples mainly. The last time the market made a facebook post they said there wasn’t asparagus yet but there would be some soon. So I was on my way back to my car and lo and behold, a woman was putting out ASPARAGUS! You know I bought some.

As glad as I was to obtain asparagus today, it made me miss the old days when Farmer John ran his market in the lunchroom at Cubelandia. Those days are gone forever and I am reaaalllly taaaared and totally outta steam so g’night.

One Response to “First local asparagus”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Our Farmers’ Market opened too; I need to get down one of these days! I’m always afraid that I’ll run into zillions of people I know when I’m not feeling at my most social. LOL