Workdog’s week

The GG, not me. Lemme see…

Monday: The GG collected a bunch of crapola and took a drive around town to find a place that wanted it. Kiwanis is not open on Mondays but bingo for Sharehouse. There’s a lot more to go…

Tuesday: He walked to Dexter and BACK (10 miles each way). And complained about various aches and pains the whole evening and the next day. I was like, you couldda called me for a ride!

Wednesday: Got rid of more old Apple stuff and backed up my iPhone and laptop and I dunno what else. Aaaaand…
Checked out the size of the smaller iPhone 14 Pro! It’s beyond time. For me anyway.

Thursday: Walked downtown and back and I fergit what else.

Friday: Lucky-shuckial work in the Lyme Lounge. Only one trip to the hardware store and no electrocutions. Window washing and I dunno what else. I didn’t take this pic today. He was window washing EXACTLY one year ago TODAY so I used last year’s pic.

FOUR years ago today? Well, the fire at the Notre Dame cathedral happened but earlier that day, the big news was that a cassowary in Florida turned on its owner and killed him. I texted this to my kids and a niece. That niece, a forensic anthropologist in Florida at the time, texted back that she expected a call from the police and then again texted to confirm she was on her way in. Although some of us laughed, it was really not funny.

That stuff happened pre-COVID of course and I was in a conference room with Amazon Woman when the Notre Dame news flashed on the company website we were projecting. I’ll never forget her gasp.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I was distraught over Notre Dame but it sounds like it will be back open in 2024. I’m glad it is reparable.