Not the best pic but these are a FEW of the 100 daffodil bulbs the GG planted last fall. A little fuzzy but I like how our “bushes” or whatever they are frame the daffs.

There’s a whole line of daffs along edge of the “vinca” ground cover in front of the Landfill. The “bushes”? They look okay as a frame in this pic but they are fugly fugly fugly. Part of me wants to get rid of them and the GG did get rid of one of the worst ones earlier this week. The problem is that they provide bird / animal habitat and I don’t want to destroy our friends’ homes and resources. Not to mention that (daffs aside) we do not have a good track record at keeping plants alive so what would we put in place of them and how long would it stay alive. In fact, I will even miss the one “bush” the GG did cut down. It turned into a tyrannosaur every time there was a snow or ice storm (because it would get weighted down).

In an “experimental design” photoshop class back at community college, one of our prodjects was to design pages for an online daffodil store. Each of our prodjects involved following a “style” dictated by the prof. I can’t find the specs for this one but it was a totally over-the-top style with fancy striped and polka-dotted backgrounds and scalloped borders and the idea was to kind of go a bit CRAZY.

And I did. I created a pastel fantasy world with daffs everywhere (actual pics) and incorporated fantastical aminals and insects and things I created in Illustrator. I was participating in a critique at one point and I checked myself a bit and asked, “Is this TOO over the top?” A classmate opined that it maybe was but the teacher was an emphatic NO. The goal of the project was to completely embrace the design style so over-the-top was okay. Get those students out of their comfort zones!

In real life? I know that my design was a clumsy student effort and I doubt I would ever have presented it to a client (if I’d ever had a client). But I’m not a graphic designer. I’m a user experience designer and online banking products are not known for experimental graphic design. Our product doesn’t even allow for images except that clients can put a logo in the upper left corner. I am fluent with the conventions of our product and easily able to design changes or new functionality without changing the overall user experience.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I don’t have an eye for design but I do love how the daffodils are framed by the bushes. My outside plants seem to survive in spite of and not because of me.