“Moom… would you ever… want a cat?”

Answer? Nooooo! 🤣🤣🤣

That’s not even the short answer. That’s THE answer. I LIKE aminals. I like dogs and cats. I am not in any way shape or form allergic to them (or pretty much anything else). I just don’t want to deal with one as a full-time lifetime commitment. I applaud those who do.

When I ordered my most recent roooomba, I did a little questionnaire about my housekeeping needs. Who lived in the house? Adults only. Are there pets? NO. I fergit what else but it steered me to a nice little rooomba that I love but may not be the best for cleaning up pet hair.

I remember when my brother and his fam used to take their 2-3 dogz up to the moomincabin. My parents loved the dogz (and so did I) but they did not like to clean up the fur and beach sand that blanketed the cabin. Once when I was there on an afternoon when my brother and fam had left, I witnessed my parents SWING INTO ACTION with brooms and vacuum cleaners.

Not that an occasional pet dog or cat would not be welcome at the moomincabin. Mia was a wonderful guest dog. Even Bugs and Horsey commented on her behavior, albeit they were not behind her when she went into a sand-digging frenzy. But it is so nice to only have to clean up the sand and pine needles, etc., that adults track in. That is except for the occasional shower of drywall dust but we welcome that person 🤣🤣🤣.

My back yard was FULL of birdsong this afternoon when this catsa came to visit. I dunno if this cat is a bird killer or not. It is a familiar cat to me, a fairly frequent visitor. I know because of the blue collar, which is not visible in this pic.

One Response to ““Moom… would you ever… want a cat?””

  1. Margaret Says:

    That is a beautiful cat! As you know I would never have chosen Mari, but now I love her. I would have wanted a gray tabby and not a little black cat. However, once she’s gone, I don’t intend to get another one. Instead I’ll be doing some new furniture buying and deep cleaning.