Urban greenery

My trip to the farmers market this morning was a fast one. I am cooking for one again for a long weekend and then the calendar hit me in the face. Wouldn’t you know Memorial Day is just around the corner even though it is a late one this year.

So we’ll be at the moominbeach that weekend and before and/or after but I still don’t have my brain totally wrapped around that. All I know is that I do NOT want to drive up there on the Friday of the holiday weekend with all the yay-hoos. If you are a yooperlander with a permanent residence on the Planet Ann Arbor, you have to be cagey, as The Commander used to say.

She LIVED in the yooperland and the last time I heard her say the word “cagey”, it involved driving an automotive vee-hickle into her garage. Except not long after that she had duct taped her driver’s side mirror on after some maybe not so cagey garage driving. She was nervous about getting it fixed, I think she thought someone might report her somewhere and take her driver’s license away. But. Not. Auto repair shops don’t normally care why your mirror is duct-taped on, they just want to fix it and take your money. And so they did. I mean she couldda lied and said, “My daughter did it. She’s not cagey about the garage.” Or something like that [snort].

That is all to say that all I bought today was asparagus. I knew that I could incorporate asparagus into the next week’s meals but I didn’t want to buy a whole bunch of other stuff that might end up in the compost heap. This IS asparagus season and I do NOT want to miss it. I sure hope I don’t miss shelling pea season (June) but we’ll see.

I didn’t get any pics AT the farmers market but I got this one of an adjacent building from where I parked Cygnus. It is free parking there until 8:00 AM, which I was able to inform a woman in the next car who asked as she arrived. I don’t really mind paying for parking, just it’s easier not to have to deal with the app. Although the app is easier than making sure you have umpteen bazillion quarters in your car.

One Response to “Urban greenery”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I love asparagus and hate the traffic on a holiday weekend. For us, it’s often people headed toward the ocean beaches.