Every day is mother’s day

I did a plum dash when the store opened this morning. I had a list! A mother’s day dinner list. When I got there I couldn’t believe how many cars were in the parking lot. Normally at the time the store opens, there are almost no vee-hickles in the parking lot. But, oh yeah, it’s mother’s day. Seeing young dads extricate their children from car seats and men exiting the store with cut flowers in hand affirmed my suspicions.

My mother’s day? It was WONDERFUL. A walk early in the morning, a FUN trip to plum. The store manager seems to recognize me but I’m not sure he knows of my current connection to the store. And I doubt he knows that it’s been my main grock shopping place since it opened 16 years ago, replacing an old movie theatre. I was ECSTATIC when the Plum opened.

I maybe have different needs than a lot of mothers do for mother’s day. Mine were met perfectly. I got my usual flats of impatiens (from one beach urchin) and for whatever reason, the GG actually POTTED them. He had already finished one pot before I realized what he was doing. My other main gift was a haircut (from the other beach urchin). Man oh man did I need that. This wasn’t my first pandemic haircut but it’s been two years. And no, I am not afraid to go to a salon to get my hair cut. It’s much more complicated than that not to mention too long and boring to talk about here.

So both our beach urchins collaborated on dinner, which was zucchini stuffed with tabouleh and spiced ground beef and various accompaniments.

I haven’t ever asked for much in the kid department but they are the best!

One Response to “Every day is mother’s day”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It does sound perfect: special and yet low-key. The gift of time together is the most important.