It’s the lug nuts

When I was in junior high, one of the people that sometimes drove me to local ski areas was my best friend’s sister, who drove one of the family vee-hickles, an ANCIENT Buick. Once we were out at Mission Hill and she went to start it up to head home (a 45 minute trip). Nothing happened. An UN-helpful bystander said over and over, “It’s the lug nuts.” I didn’t know what lug nuts were but that didn’t sound very likely. I have no memory of how it eventually got started but we did successfully make it back to town. In that car.

This problem really IS the lug nuts. On the Lyme Lounge. Himself discovered the issue YESTERDAY. It was a Saturday and local taaaar shops were of no help. In fact they don’t even really deal with trailer wheels. The trailer shops were no help either since they were closing for the rest of the weekend. I vaguely remember from previous experiences that they are always too “busy” and we have to wait a few weeks for a repair.

So the GG spent the entire afternoon in this position next to the Lyme Lounge trying to get the lug nuts off so he can do whatever it is he needs to do to fix the brake drums or whatever it is that’s broken. In the end, it was his own ingenuity plus some troubleshooting over the phone with FlaMan that has allowed him to progress on this. The cFam boyz’ dad was a highly successful mechanical engineer with an automotive career. The boyz apparently inherited some of his DNA plus most of them did auto factory work in their youth. The Twinz of Terror spent college summers working at Hamtramck Assembly and maybe other places I’m not remembering.

Will it be fixed in time to go north with us later this week? That will depend partly on the timely delivery of a part he ordered yesterday. Fingers crossed.

I still don’t really know what a lug nut is. Something to do with wheels. Don’t try to ‘splain it to me. It’ll go straight over my head with a big whooshing noise.

One Response to “It’s the lug nuts”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Don’t the lug nuts keep the wheels/tires on the vehicle? Hope the repair will be timely!