Oh. My. Gawd. Today the GG was… In and out and around and about and in and out and around and about. ALL. DAY. And I mean in and out the DOOR, I don’t think either vee-hickle left the block although Cygnus did get parked in the street for a while and then mouse came to get her to borrow her overnight.

When mouse came over to snag Cygnus, she witnessed a bit of the nutso-ness that had been going on all day. She stage-whispered, “Senile?” But no. Just frenetic activity.

But… Lemme see… He was harassing me about did I need a cooler? To transport food five miles hours north? Nope. I don’t plan on hauling a bunch of food. There are wonderful grock stores up there and COVID is not the issue it was three years ago although I will be masking. What food I will take will either be frozen solid (and will not thaw on the trip) or will be fine in a bag with one of the MANY ice packs we have collected during the pandemic years.

Then there was the Red Bag that I have been looking at from Telecubelandia for DAYS. He was rummaging the whole house. I had no idea what he was looking for. Finally he spied the Red Bag. Is that what you’ve been rummaging for? Yes it was. I had been looking at it for days! Right in plain sight.

In general, I think he is taking up waaaay tooooo much crapola. To be fair, he isn’t just going up there for the holiday weekend. At some point, he will be taking off (from the yooperland) to support our friend Joan as she finishes hiking the North Country Trail for the second time in her life.

So I support all of this frenetic packing activity but I do wish he would streamline a bit. And I don’t like that Cygnus will probably be hauling some crap too. Isn’t one vee-hickle plus a camping trailer enough?

2 Responses to “Senility?”

  1. Isa Says:

    Five miles north?

  2. Margaret Says:

    Always nerve-wracking to be surrounded by so much furious activity. I tend to overpack too but am a calm packer for the most part.