This was not an easy pic to take. This flower is about six inches off the ground and faces downward so whenever I want to take a pic of one, I have to get down on the ground and turn myself into a pretzel. The petals are actually white [delete long photography ramble about the angle of the sun and using an app (Instagram) to increase the contrast].

What is this flower? I know what it is. It’s in my yard, not that I know every plant in my yard. But today my brain kept outputting the wrong names. It tried to serve up daylily. Say what? This is NOT a daylily. Then it tried moonflower. I’m not even exactly sure what eees a moonflower but this is not it. Oh! MAY APPLE! MAY APPLE MAY APPLE MAY APPLE MAY APPLE! BINGO! Unfortunately I lowered myself to ask the GG the flower name. Fortunately, by the time he managed to understand the question, my brain had rebooted. MAY APPLE! And no I am not senile nor is the talking moose in the system folder. Again.

The GG returned from today’s boondoggle (EPA retiree luncheon in Fenton and delivering the 10 bags of FRITOS he FORGOT! two days ago to FlaMan) just as a meeting was starting. I didn’t quiiiite mute fast enough and a bit of Landfill domestic “chatter” was audible. It was okay. The two other women on the call caught it and we had a fun little convo about the cons of being a permanent telecommuter with your spouse. The men were notably silent. I’m not sure why and I do not know whether their wives work or not or if they do work, whether they telecommute or not. Or whether they may have been within earshot.

I am missing a bl8 word in today’s spelling bee. Blamblam is not it.

2 Responses to “blamblam”

  1. Margaret Says:

    My post today is full of flower pics. I’ve never heard of a may apple before!

  2. jcb Says:

    I miss that moose.