Keepin’ calm and stayin’ outta the fray (or trying to)

First of all, photo credit to mouse, who texted this and a bunch of other photos uh when? Yesterday or the day before? I fergit. She also included a may apple photo that puts mine from yesterday to shame. I think I need a new camera aka iPhone.

So why don’t I just go ahead and BUY a new iPhone? I certainly could. It’s been at least five years since I upgraded. The thing is, the GG and I have always bought iPhones TOGETHER, i.e., we always have the same model. And he seems to be dragging his heels for reasons I don’t really understand. At some point, I am just gonna move ahead and he can “follow” me or not.

Our approach to COMPUTERS is totally different in that we haven’t EVER been in “sync”. Well, at least not since the days of the “family” computer, when we only had ONE computer and everyone had to take turns. In 2003, I opened up the latest issue of the New Yorker, the dead tree version of course. What did I see? A splashy ad introducing the 12″ G4 Powerbook! We had the “truckers are b*ttholes” laptop but that wasn’t really usable. I HAD TO HAVE THIS NEW LAPTOP. SO. I ORDERED ONE. Without even discussing it with the GG who I figured would pooh-pooh the idea. We were “poor” then and I didn’t have a viable income.

Anyway, I never again used a big desktop computer after that. The GG is all about big desktop iMacs although he also uses my old laptops or repurposes them to run webcams or whatever.

Today? I could talk about the much-awaited Fedex delivery that was dropped off at the next door neighbors’ (but we found it) and all the subsequent mechanical work going on in the driveway plus the multiple test drives and all of the crapola that went out the front door. But I won’t because the only way I could remain calm today was to stay outta the fray. And since we are not tandem driving tomorrow, I will be keeping an eye on this construction season’s backups on NB US23 and wherever. I WILL say it was NOT the most productive work day I’ve ever had but it did have its highlights…

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I just paid off my phone so I won’t be getting a new one for a while. Fingers crossed! Getting new tech is always intimidating for me. Even after two years, I have trouble with the “no home button” situation.