Holiday driving (or not)

I did not have to drive today. I’m gonna telecommute from here this week. But the beach urchin who spent the weekend with us did drive today. She can also telecommute but for whatever reason she is not doing that this week, at least not from here. But that’s her business and I don’t meddle with my adult children’s business.

Leave-takings are always a little nerve-racking. Even if your kid is a well-established adult and good experienced driver, sending her off on a five hour drive is, well, nerve-racking for mom. (My daughters are very sharp cookies and KNOW this.) I am always okay after one of the kids leaves but I love getting that text message that they’re home safely. When The Commander was still alive, we had to call, which was kind of a chore, one I would usually foist on one of the urchins when they were old enough to handle that responsibility without help. Of course in The Comm’s last few years, she had an iPhone and became a champion texter herself.

So my beach urchin experienced some traffic slow-downs today but I checked GooMaps a few times (of course I did) and it didn’t look as bad as it often is. Still, it is a SLOG.

Here? Cold morning and then somebody somewhere threw a SWITCH and it got HOT HOT HOT! So hot that we decamped from the beach up to the deck where we are enjoying what my dad called an undertaker’s wind. That means it comes outta the swamp.

Although there are plenty of flowering trees in the yooperland (apple anyone? or flowering crab?) we don’t have many here in the moominbeach ecosystem. Except for serviceberry. If you look carefully (or embiggen) you can see the white flowers on the tree (bush?) just to the right of the big red pine trunk. That’s serviceberry or when we were kids, we called it sugar plum. It makes a sweet purple berry. Good to eat but we never get enough berries to do anything with them. Just pick and eat. I am almost never here when the serviceberries bloom but Memorial Day weekend somehow hit the sweet spot for them this year.

One Response to “Holiday driving (or not)”

  1. Margaret Says:

    The berries sound yummy! I adore berries. My older daughter wants me to text her when I get home from the 25 minute drive from her house. It does involve two freeways but rarely much traffic in the evening. Sometimes I forget to do so. 🙂